Why Drug Screen?

Both drug and alcohol abuse have long been detrimental to our nation’s social constructs, and with each new combative method, there seems to arise another addictive substance. The dream of a society free from the addiction and pain of substance abuse is not an impossibility; however, it will only be realized one step at a time.

So while you may be wondering if and why drug screening is necessary, remember that a nation is only equal to the sum of each individual action. A widespread implementation of drug screening today, will serve to encourage caution, and in some cases, absence from substance abuse tomorrow.


Why Employers Should Drug Test

With drug use among employed individuals a growing trend (see our statistics on drug use within the workplace ), drug screening can no longer be viewed as a practice that is present only within large corporations. Employers of all sizes and across all industries must provide a vigilant drug screening gate for employment as well as a constant accountability to those already employed.

Identify and eradicate substance abuse problems by engaging in pre-employment drug screening and post-employment drug screening.

  • Pre-employment drug screening allows you to avoid non-productive hires in the first place.
  • Post-employment drug screening, or the implementation of random drug testing, encourages a drug-free workforce by keeping present employees accountable as well as deterring those potential employees that may consider such testing a hindrance to their chosen lifestyle.

Benefits of workplace drug testing:

  • Minimizes risk of workplace use
  • Minimizes absenteeism
  • Minimizes employee turnover rate
  • Develops more productive employees
  • Decreases workplace accidents
  • Protects your business
  • Decreases theft
  • Reduces insurance costs (in some cases)

Why Parents Should Drug Test

No parent wants to admit the need to drug test their own child; however, the reality of today’s society leaves little room for concern without accompanying action. For the parent that suspects a child’s abnormal behavior may be related to drugs or alcohol, a drug test provides the definitive answer needed for establishing a plan of action.

Most youth don’t start by using hard substances. Gateway drugs are often introduced first, and then the slow progression of addiction travels from substance to substance causing greater dependency and resulting damage.

The sooner the abuse is recognized, the greater the chance of complete recovery. Drug testing now, even if only a small suspicion exists, benefits you and your teen in the following ways:

  • Provides medical evidence that cannot be refuted by your teen
  • Provides the names of substances being abused in order to properly treat
  • Gives a name to the problems that you have been facing, and in turn
  • Allows for the proper plan to be developed for complete recovery
  • May deter the evolution to more dangerous substances